MAGFIT comes from an idea by Flavio Bernocchi

an engineer with a passion for skiing

One day, getting off the chairlift, Flavio decides he wants a quicker and more comfortable way to take hold of his ski poles, so that he can slide down the slope as soon as he’s uphill: no need to stop to grip his ski poles.

Ski poles which could match with your gloves in a nanosecond didn’t exist at the time.

But it’s easy, you just need to use a natural force, a magnet within your ski poles and your gloves. He just had to find the right force grade and believe in it!

Well, now these ski poles are here and have just been patented.

Flavio starts the study for the design and the engineering in Italy in 2018, finding partners in Tourin and Milan.

Production is starting in 2019.