Magnetic ski poles

The alpine ski poles by MAGFIT work using a patented magnetic combination.

The permanent magnets are set within the ski poles and within the straps which are to be worn over your gloves.

The magnetic force is strong enough to allow you to hold the ski poles, just by putting your hands close to them.

You won’t waste time anymore to wear your former straps. You’ll be ready to ski at once. The ski poles have been thought to come undone in case of a fall. Safety increases and the risk of injures is reduced.

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model MF 01
grip double density
strip magnetic
magnets Neodimio 52
extension not extendable
length 110-135 cm
pole material 7075 T6 aluminium alloy
pole diameter 16 mm
basket alpin
weight (125cm stick) 260 g

Technical features

Magfit Bastoncini magnetici

The material MAGFIT ski poles are made of

The ski poles by MAGFIT are made with a valuable alloy 7075 of aluminium and zinc. This alloy allows thinness for strong ski poles. Aluminium 7075 is used in aeronautics.

Magfit Bastoncini magnetici


The ski poles grip is made in double density materials. A hard core to improve the mechanical stregth and secure the magnets; a softer cover to improve the grip.

Magfit Bastoncini magnetici


Thanks to velcro buckles, we have two sizes for the straps:
S/M/L more suitable for women
(sizes 6-7-8)
M/L/XL more suitable for men
(sizes 8-9-10).

Magfit Bastoncini magnetici


The ski poles use the high magnetic force magnets N52. This code stands for the alloy (boron, iron and neodymium) and the grade. Grade 52 is the highest you can find on the market.
The magnets are in the higher part of the grip and in a secure box sewed on the strap.

Magfit Bastoncini magnetici

Basket for alpine ski

The ski poles by MAGFIT have a 5cm-diameter basket for alpine skiing. The baskets prevent the ski poles from plunging too deep into the snow. The smaller baskets are better for racing, while the bigger ones are better for alpine skiing and freeskiing.

Ski poles length

The ski poles are generally chosen through the following method:

  1. Reverse your ski poles so that the grip is on the ground.
  2. Hold the ski poles just under the baskets.
  3. Do your arm and forearm form a 90° angle?

If they do, you have found the right length for your alpine ski poles.

person’s heigth ski poles length
155 cm – 160 cm 110 cm
161 cm – 167 cm 115 cm
168 cm – 175 cm 120 cm
176 cm – 182 cm 125 cm
183 cm – 189 cm 130 cm
190 cm – 196 cm 135 cm
197 cm – 203 cm 140 cm

When you are choosing your ski poles, you can look at aproximate charts which link the person’s heigth to the length of the ski poles.

The beginners generally prefer shorter ski poles.
The indication in the chart is just a suggestion.

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